Classified State Comptroller Report is Now Published

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Someone has leaked the State Comptroller classified report about the Antiquities Destruction on the Temple Mount. It is now published in The Jewish Voice NY together with an English translation. This is the first time this information is published in the media, although we have published many of the archaeological details in the past.

Appearance in National Geographic

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The latest November issue of National Geographic has a section that deals with artifacts that were retrieved from sites where it was not possible to excavate them. The TMSP had a very respectful appearance in this section as the first site mentioned and the only one which is discussed in the text. They also added a very nice drawing of the Immer bulla.

The Immer Bulla in National Geographic

The Immer Bulla in National Geographic

A Very Good News Article in Israel Hayom about the Recent Antiquities Destruction

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On last Friday , Nadav Shragai, a journalist who is a specialist on Temple Mount issues, published a very good article about the recent antiquities destruction in the Temple Mount.

This is the link:




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