As part of our research in preparing to publish the finds of the Temple Mount Sifting Project, one of our great challenges is identifying and dating special artifacts since they have been found out-of-context.  With our acquaintance with the material culture of Jerusalem and of the land of Israel throughout its generations, we manage to identify and date most of the finds, but many others are only partially identified or remain a total enigma.  Since our current research is dealing with archaeological finds from the Temple Mount – these finds being the only material from the Temple Mount that is accessible for archaeological study – we concluded that, in order to increase our ability to identify them, we should enlist the help of the world wide community of scholars via the internet.  Therefore, we have established a website in which we will upload from time to time images of artifacts about which we need more information.

On this website visitors are able to view photos of various artifacts found at the Sifting Project and comment on those about which they are familiar.  They may share their thoughts or comment on thoughts of others. The website address is

We have uploaded a preliminary collection of photos, and we will continue to upload from time to time more items from various types of finds. We would appreciate it very much if you would browse through the photo gallery and add your comments. We would also appreciate your comments regarding the website itself.