A few years ago I stayed at the Sifting site after we closed up for the day, and just before I was about to leave a convoy of vehicles with about 15 people suddenly arrived without any pre-notice. They told me they are working on an IMAX 3D movie about Jerusalem. They heard about the Sifting Project and wanted to see if it suitable for such filming. After 15 minutes of examining the Sifting site from a visual filming point of view they told me they don’t think it will suit them. I told them they should come back and examine the site when it is crowded with volunteers, but they chose to drop off the idea. In Hebrew we say HAVAL…

Below is the result of a highly invested production with amazing visuals that such will probably not be seen in any other film about Jerusalem in the near future. They did a great job in obtaining permissions for filming access in highly contested sites, and some great computer 3D reconstructions of Jerusalem in the 1st Century CE and in the end of the Byzantine period.

Enjoy the movie.