Hi everyone,
Here’s the deal. The sifting has stopped, we are about to close down completely, and we need your help. Please donate to our campaign now AND share our video. The first 48 hours of the campaign are key to its success and we either get all of the funding or none of it.

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Why the first 48 hours are critical:

  1. Headstart, which is hosting our campaign promotes projects that score high in their algorithm. We have a good chance of having them promote our campaign, and reaching many new people, if we have a lot of donors, a high percentage of our campaign fulfilled, and all of that within the first 48 hours.
  2. People give when they see others giving. The more people who donate, even small amounts, shows everyone visiting the campaign that a lot of people think this project is important.

AND 3. There is a good chance that the government will create a foundation for the heritage of the Temple Mount and will partially fund our project, but we need to show the Prime Minister that there is wide reaching support for this project.

Thank You

We are overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we have been getting about this campaign! We want to give a big thank you to the 127 supporters who have already backed our campaign. Only a few hours in, and we are 13% of the way toward our goal. You are making us see how important this project is to you. It is sometimes easy to forget the larger goal of protecting this heritage when we are bogged down by the day to day running of things, but you are the people that we work for and we truly appreciate your interest and support. You are our backbone and our purpose.

Dear supporters, we are relying on you now, since all else has failed. If you have ever learned anything from our project, please don’t let our 12 years of effort and work go to waste.

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