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Hello blogworld!

We have a number of important updates to share with you.

Current Campaign Stats:

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189,200 shekel 

pledged by 550 backers.

That’s 76% of our goal!



Our momentum has slowed because of two statements issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israel Antiquities Authority assuring everyone that they are taking care of our project. We appreciate all the help that we can get, but unfortunately, these two statements are based on vague promises not actions, and have detrimentally affected our campaign. Everyone we have spoken to or reached out to has said, “but isn’t the government now taking care of it?”

In short, the answer is no. None of these offices have given us any concrete pledge or solution.

We need your help to share the truth of the situation and help us get the momentum of our campaign running again. So here are the facts:


  1. This campaign is all or nothing. According to the rules of this campaign, if we do not reach our initial target amount (250,000 NIS), your credit card will not be charged and we will not receive a single shekel that has been donated so far. That is over $50,000 that we will not see.
  2. The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement saying that our problems had been resolved, but in practice, even a meeting had not yet been scheduled.
  3. The Antiquities Authority also issued a statement that they were searching for a solution to our problem, but we have not even been contacted to discuss this.
  4. Even if the government eventually steps in, they will provide support – not funding for the whole project. This will also take time we do not have before we have to close our doors.
  5. At this stage, we are raising the funds necessary to complete our research on the artifacts already discovered by our project.
  6. Only once we have funded our research will we be able to move on to our second goal which is to publish this research and then resume the sifting of the rest of the material from the Temple Mount.
  7. The sifting activity currently taking place at Emek Tzurim through Ir David is no longer related to our project. They are not sifting material from the Temple Mount, but rather material from various IAA excavations.

Unfortunately, and as we all know, promises are not actions. Please help us spread the word that these official statements from the different government offices are not telling the full truth of the situation.

How can we reach our goal? With YOUR help.

Please massively distribute the link to our project’s campaign to your circles of influence with an explanation of its importance and a warm recommendation to support our crowdfunding campaign.

Send it to your email list, publish it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and more.

Click HERE for the link 

You are the heart and motivation of the sifting and research of the heritage of the Temple Mount and for this you have our deepest thanks.

Please help us complete this process.

In Other News:

  • O17800111_10155224299614324_7396040636737479064_nur arrowhead replicas are ready to go (and available as gifts on our campaign website)!

  • NEW! Guided Tours!

June 8th – Tour the Temple Mount itself with our Director Zachi Dvira who has been studying this holy and complex site for the last 18 years. (Hebrew)

June 15th – Tour Ir David with one of its excavators. Learn the inside scoop about the history of this fantastic city. (Hebrew)

Join a tour by clicking on the appropriate gift in our crowdfunding campaign. Not only will you learn something, have a great day out on the (ancient) town, but you will do a huge mitzvah in helping our project too!

Can’t make it?

Form a group of 10+ and we can schedule a private tour in English or Hebrew.


Critical Time for the Temple Mount Sifting Project – You Can Make a Real Difference

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Shalom Friends,

I may have asked you before to support the Temple Mount Sifting Project, and I don’t feel so comfortable asking it again, but I do so because this time it is really critical and the success of the campaign is likely to lead the government of Israel to announce the establishment of a Temple Mount Heritage Fund that will mainly support the Sifting Project.

In order for the Prime Minister to see that there is broad public support for the project and that the campaign will succeed, it is vital important that in the first week we will reach as many donors as possible. Please support us again (any amount will help, there is also great value to the number of contributors), and please distribute the video. The next 48 hours are critical!

These are the remnants of the past of all of us that may be forgotten!

Link for donations on the campaign website:


Direct link for sharing the video on Facebook:


Sincerely and with thanks,

Zachi Dvira


Important Note: Two days ago a generous donor, Edward Baumstein, pledged to match all donations made through the crowdfunding site in the following 72hrs. There are still another 24 hrs left so donate now!

How Can I Help?

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Hi everyone,
Here’s the deal. The sifting has stopped, we are about to close down completely, and we need your help. Please donate to our campaign now AND share our video. The first 48 hours of the campaign are key to its success and we either get all of the funding or none of it.

Click Here for the Link to Our Facebook video

Why the first 48 hours are critical:

  1. Headstart, which is hosting our campaign promotes projects that score high in their algorithm. We have a good chance of having them promote our campaign, and reaching many new people, if we have a lot of donors, a high percentage of our campaign fulfilled, and all of that within the first 48 hours.
  2. People give when they see others giving. The more people who donate, even small amounts, shows everyone visiting the campaign that a lot of people think this project is important.

AND 3. There is a good chance that the government will create a foundation for the heritage of the Temple Mount and will partially fund our project, but we need to show the Prime Minister that there is wide reaching support for this project.

Thank You

We are overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback we have been getting about this campaign! We want to give a big thank you to the 127 supporters who have already backed our campaign. Only a few hours in, and we are 13% of the way toward our goal. You are making us see how important this project is to you. It is sometimes easy to forget the larger goal of protecting this heritage when we are bogged down by the day to day running of things, but you are the people that we work for and we truly appreciate your interest and support. You are our backbone and our purpose.

Dear supporters, we are relying on you now, since all else has failed. If you have ever learned anything from our project, please don’t let our 12 years of effort and work go to waste.

Help now at our Giveback.co.il Campaign Page


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