TMSP Mentioning in a AP Article about the Dome of the Rock Floors

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The Associated Press released a story about the Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount Sifting Project finds that are related to its floors.
Unfortunately, the article focuses on the conflict and not on the discoveries we shared with them and their relation to the Dome of the Rock floors. It’s a complicated story so we expected it would be difficult for them to cover it, but we will share our new information and innovations regarding the Dome of the Rock in our forthcoming speaking tour in the US.

New York Times – without photos


Yahoo News – with photos



New Information from the Exposed Floors of the Dome of the Rock


The carpets of the Dome of the Rock and Solomon’s Stables were recently replaced. Pictures that were taken this week of the exposed floor of the Dome of the Rock and the cave beneath it revealed new fascinating information.
Some old tiles were replaced and the work was done with no supervision of the Antiquities Authority who was not aware of it at all. The police did not bother to update them. Today they covered the floor with new carpets, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to scientifically document these unique floors was missed.
We’ll post more details on this later on.

One of several Opus Sectile Pavings that were exposed by removing carpets in the Dome of the Rock

One of several Opus Sectile Pavings that were exposed by removing carpets in the Dome of the Rock

An Exciting Find Just Before Passover


IMG_4009Just a day before Passover, we would like to wish everyone a happy Pesach and share a nice object that was recovered in the sifting last week. It is a fragment of a finger that according to its material and style seems to be from an Egyptian statue from the Late Bronze period (or earlier), the time of the Exodus.

In the story of the Exodus we read about how the Egyptian magicians were not able to overcome the “Finger of God”. So here we see a finger, possibly of an Egyptian god, that was torn apart by the “Finger of God” who is also the God of history.

What’s an Egyptian statue doing on the Temple Mount? This is something we’ll have to dig into it.


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