Aaron Klein of World Net Daily has recently begun merchandizing soil from the Temple Mount. Our project is in close contact with the police, who supervised the Waqf’s previous excavation on the Temple Mount closely, and are charged with ensuring that no earth leaves the Temple Mount without archaeological supervision, as per the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling. explicitly prohibiting it. In addition, we also monitored the  removal of earth from the  trenches that were recently dug on the Mount. The earth was either used to refill the trenches, or transferred to the eastern section of the Mount, where there are many piles of earth that await archaeologist approval before they can be removed from the Temple Mount.In no event is any earth from the Temple Mount permitted to be put up for sale.   In any case, If WND really managed to put its hands upon earth from the Temple Mount and is now engaged in selling it, then it is selling archaeologically significant and protected earth without  archaeologist  approval. Gabriel Barkay and Zachi Zweig are the only archaeologists,  licensed by the IAA to examine this earth after its removal from the Temple Mount. In other words, by procuring and selling earth from the Temple Mount, Aharon Klein is breaking Israeli law.

In addition, the  earth in the images published by WND is clearly  modern garden soil, and is definitely not ancient.

 Due to these facts I think we should also be very skeptical of news reported by WND and  Aharon Klein.