We Need Your Support In Order to Go On with the Research

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With only 30 days are left in our crowd funding campaign, we need your full support. Please donate your symbolic half-shekel so we can continue our research. Click Here to Donate.

Later this month we are will be publishing two new discoveries that are related to later periods of Temple Mount history. The first concerns the Crusaders’ activities in the Dome of the Rock, and second involves a object from the 18th century that is personally connected to the current Waqf director.

Stay Tuned!

Update on the Crowd Funding Campaign

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50 days ago we launched a crowd funding campaign to support the research and publication of the Temple Mount finds. We’ve produced a video clip summarizing the story of the Sifting Project and the importance of publishing the finds.

The video has English and Hebrew versions, and the website and English video are translated into 15 more languages. We translated the website to many languages since we believe that the story of the Sifting Project and the story of the Temple Mount – as evidenced by its archaeological finds – will be of much interests all over the world.

When we launched the campaign on Facebook the Hebrew video immediately went viral and reached 10,000 people within three days, while the English video was less successful and reached 3,500 people. Up to date the videos were watched (30 sec views and more) on Facebook and YouTube by 43,797 people. 12,050 people have visited the website and 199 people have donated a total sum of $21,940. We intend to continue the campaign until the end of 2015.

The video has the potential to reach a very wide audience, especially these days when the Temple Mount is in the focus of the news. Since many ignorant comments are being heard in the media and distorted articles are published in major newspapers, this story and archaeological information is essential for establishing an educated debate.

The Temple Mount Sifting Project does not have a political agenda, and as open minded academic researchers we are open minded for any conclusion that can be deducted from the finds. We oppose ignorance. All scientific or academic research eventually serves humanity by helping us make better decisions. If the sifting project finds could help reduce tensions that are rooted by ignorance – we would be happy to serve this goal as well.

It is worthwhile to mention that about 15% of the website visitors are Arab speakers, and there are about 353 shares and hundreds of likes to the Arabic version of the website. It seems like the Arab world is very interested in this story.

If you haven’t visited the website yet, so please do so at: http://half-shekel.org , and if you could donate and encourage your friends to donate to the project, we would be grateful.

Recent Appearances in the Media and More Responses to NY Times Temple Denial Article

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The 10th century BCE Seal and additional finds dating to this period have received wide coverage in the media. First the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet published the story, and it was then picked up by many other websites.

In particular was the Haaretz English Edition which chose to write an extensive article about the Sifting Project, and another very extensive article about the archaeological evidence locating the biblical Temples on the Temple Mount compound (Haram al-Sharif). Gabriel Barkay is widely quoted in this article along with the information about Sifting Project and our new crowdfunding video embedded.  The article is very detailed, but also has some errors and irrelevant information regarding the question put forth in the article. There is also much more evidence that was not covered in this article. We hope we will manage to find the time to write a better encompassing article regarding this issue. It will not be to prove the location of the Temple, but to elaborate and shed more light on what is so clear from diverse historical sources throughout all periods of the Temple Mount’s history.



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